Handmade and Hand Decorated Cookies

Our cookies come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be shipped in boxes or individually wrapped. For a special effect, we can ship them in glass jars.

Our cookies are made with fresh ingredients, such as locally-sourced brown eggs. And of course, the primary ingredient is butter. We bake the cookies for each order and will decorate them based on your preferences.

We have cookies for almost every occasion and we always can custom prepare for your needs. Anything you can print on paper, we can print on our cookies!

The Faith Baked Cakes Online Store will be selling cookies soon! In the meantime, contact our team using the form below to discuss order options. We’ll prepare a quote for you based on your specific needs. Most cookies are $4.25 per cookie with a minimum order of 6.

Examples of our cookies can be seen below the contact form.

Cookies Order Form
Pro Football
Rah rah, it is football season. We can take the colors and logo for your favorite teams and put them on cookies. What an awesome gift to give to friends of your rival teams and to supply them for your Sunday football parties.
Halloween will be special this year with individually wrapped cookies that are hand decorated. Choose the ones you want to keep the ghosts happy.
Make Christmas extra special this year with homemade, hand decorated cookies. Choose the ones you want to make a great gift.
Everyone is always looking for the perfect wedding favor to give their guests. What better gift is there to give than a decorated cookie that is individually wrapped for them to take home or enjoy at the reception?!


Baby Shower Girl
A baby shower is a special time to welcome a new addition to the family. We have a variety of cookies that can be hand decorated to celebrate the new boy or girl in the family.

Baby Shower Boy

We are all proud of living in the United States, so let’s show our home town spirit with hand decorated cookies in red, white, and blue.