Corporate and Special Event Orders

Unique Gifts your Customers and Employees Will Never Forget

Looking for a unique gift for your customers, potential customers or employees? We have THE perfect solution for you. Our fresh baked Old Fashioned Southern Cakes in Jars, as well as custom cookies will make a lasting impression and ensure your gift is the one that stands out from the rest. Oh, and did we mention the jars can be customized? Send us your logos, and we’ll design labels to brand your jar…just for you.

Cake Jar Customization Options:

  • Custom Top Labels
  • Custom Wrap Around Labels
  • Custom Note Cards

Our cookies come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be shipped in lovely gift jars directly to your recipients. Anything you can print on paper, we can print on our cookies!

Weddings and Events

Having a wedding or special event and need the most amazing desserts or favors to delight your guests? Our freshly baked Old Fashioned Southern Cakes in Jars are the perfect solution. Want something even better?? We can customize your jars so that your bride to be, anniversary couple, or your guest of honor has their very own label design. They’ll feel like royalty. How cool is that?

Contact our team using the form below to discuss orders of more than 36 jars or custom label options. We’ll prepare a quote for you based on your specific needs.

Examples of our Old Fashioned Southern Cakes in Jars, cookies, and boxes can be seen below the contact form.

Corporate or Special Event Order Form

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Corporate Cookie

Corporate Cookie